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Contact the school on: 01234 302300

Email: enquiries@elstowschool.co.uk

Below are links to online tutorials that will guide you through how to help your child succeed

and develop in Literacy.


Car Parking-Dogs-Smoking.  


Parents/carers are asked not to use the car park at the beginning and the end of the school day.

The car park is locked at the beginning and end of the day to prevent unauthorised parking.


Dog owners are requested not to allow or bring their animals on to our premises for any reason.


Smoking is not allowed on the school site.  



The school follows the Literacy and Mathematics National Curriculum across all year groups and assesses at the end of Early Years, Year 1 for Phonics, and Years 2 and 6 for Reading Writing and Mathematics.


For History, Geography and Science we are following the topics and learning set out in the Knowledge Curriculum. The specific areas are outlined for parents in the curriculum overviews which are on this page on the website.  


The Core Knowledge lessons intend to put knowledge back into primary education, ensuring that our pupils leave primary school with solid foundations for future learning.


In Key Stage 2 the class teachers now teach either mathematics for both classes – or writing for both classes.  Every class is taught reading by their class teacher.


This subject specific focus for these two subjects ensures high quality outcomes with clear focus on the subject and allows planning and teaching support by the leadership of the school.

Please make sure you are aware of your child's activity on the internet.  Online bullying and unsafe sharing of personal details is often not well understood by children of primary school age.


We are teaching online safety in school on an ongoing basis.  If necessary we will help and support parents managing children's internet and social media use, through school policies and the work of the Family Support Worker.  Please contact Mrs Liz Polson if you would like to discuss this at all.

ThinkYouKnow www.esafety-adviser.com/parental-engagement/ CEOP




Short Multiplication Short Subtraction Column Subtraction Column multiplication Counting Back - Number Line Partitioning Multiplication Grid Method Multiplication Arrays Multiplication Chunking Multiplication Multiplication Number Line Counting On - Number Line Column Addition Short Addition Chunking Division Division Number Line Partitioning Addition Expanded Division Number Line Addition Short Division Calculation Policy Overview

How to help your child in Literacy

Apostrophes Using Commas in a list Initial sounds Using Their, There and They're Making simple sentences Capital Letters Letter Formation Reading and Phonics schemes used in KS1 Mark Making Reading Questions

Below are documents  to support and encourage your childs reading and spelling.

Word Classes Tricky Words Phase 5 Tricky Words Phase 4 Tricky Words Phase 3 Tricky Words Phase 2 Spelling Appendix Vocabulary Appendix Glossary


Curriculum Map

Knowledge Organisers

underwear-rule-parents-letter PE subject overview 2018-2019 Music subject overview 2018-2019 Y2 Learning Workshops Science knowledge overview 2018-2019 History and Geography knowledge overview - 2018 - 19 Book list for all primary children Yr2 Spring Jigsaw Yr3 Spring Jigsaw Yr5 Spring Jigsaw Yr6 Spring Jigsaw Yr1 Spring Jigsaw