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Autumn Term 2017




Car Parking-Dogs-Smoking.  


Parents/carers are asked not to use the car park at the beginning and the end of the school day.

The car park is locked at the beginning and end of the day to prevent unauthorised parking.


Dog owners are requested not to allow or bring their animals on to our premises for any reason.


Smoking is not allowed on the school site.  




The school follows The International Primary Curriculum and links it directly to the National Curriculum.


Areas of Study covered are :


English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Religious Education, History, Geography, Design & Technology, Music, Art, PE and French in Key stage 2.


 All subjects have programmes of study which specify essential learning. These programmes are incorporated into Topic Based  Learning.  English, Mathematics and Science are included into Topic work and are also taught as solo subjects, this ensures that the children have a secure embedded knowledge base.  The teaching of RE takes place  within the Topic base where applicable, but also as a ‘stand-alone’ subject  and is  taught in accordance with the Bedford Borough guidance.


Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship are taught alongside these subjects and integrated into the ethos of the school and the curriculum whenever possible.


The teachers plan their work jointly to ensure progress and continuity. Classes are of mixed ability, children are grouped  within each class according to their needs.


Each class has a Teacher and a Teaching Assistant. The teaching assistants work tirelessly to remove individual child's barriers to learning, this may include individual 1:1 work or small group work to help accelerate and extend learning.



At the end of Key Stage 1—Year 2 children sit their SATS , the Statutory Assessment Tests required by the Government. The performance of the great majority of children should be within the expected range for their age group.


At the end of Key Stage 2—Year 6 children sit their SATS , the Statutory Assessment Tests required by the Government. These results will be passed on and used to group children in their Secondary School.





Your children are increasingly using the internet at school and at home from a younger age.


At school, we take steps to ensure that your children are aware of how to stay safe online.


On the 11th February, the children participated in a whole-school e-safety day, where they took part in a range of ICT activities and developed their understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe.


Below are links to important websites for keeping your children safe online, including 'A parents guide to social media'  .

ThinkYouKnow www.esafety-adviser.com/parental-engagement/ PSHE Curriculum Overview CEOP

Please find below the subject overviews for the foundation subjects taught from Years 1- 6.

Geography Curriculum Overview History Curriculum Overview PE Curriculum Overview Science Curriculum Overview RE Curriculum Overview ICT Curriculum Overview MFL Curriculum Overview Music Curriculum Overview E- Saftey Newsletter 2015 Reception Overview letter Year 1 Curriculum Overview Year 2 Curriculum Overview Year 3 Curriculum Overview Year 4 Curriculum Overview Year 5 Curriculum Overview Year 6 Curriculum Overview