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Early Years News

Friend or Family Pick up Arrangements EYFS Learning Challenge


Oral-Blending-and-Segmenting-EYFS-Home-Learning-Ch T-C-1575-10-WHAT-Questions-to-Ask-Your-Child-About


The above documents are for the new Early Years parents to support learning at home and help with what you may wish to know about starting school.  Please speak to the Early Years Team - Mrs Moulam or Mrs Dolling if you have any questions

Don't forget the 8.45 coffee mornings which are held for the next four Tuesday mornings where you can chat about any concerns or just talk to other mums.  


The letter in this link shows the PSHE which we will be teaching children across Elstow School about personal safety following NSPCC guidance.

Year 5 Trip IWM Duxford Letter 2018 Y4 15th Oct Tower of London Year 3 Ancient Greek workshop letter

Upcoming trips September and October 2018

T-T-27209-The-Three-Little-Pigs-EYFS-Home-Learning EYFS Newsletter 28.9.18 Top tips for super communication Y2 Learning Workshops Christmas card letter 2018 Photographs for ind and family photo 2018 Early years Newsletter 5.10.2018 T-T-23883-EYFS-Autumn-Home-Learning-Challenge-Shee Party letter for Early Years Early Years Newsletter 12.10.2018 Birthdays home challenge 12.10.2018 Year 2 Whipsnade Trip Badgers Year 2 Whipsnade Trip Squirrels