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How to help your child in Numeracy

Literacy &  Numeracy

How to help your child in Literacy

Below are links to online tutorials that will guide you through how to help your child succeed and develop in Literacy.

Apostrophes Using Commas in a list Initial sounds Mark Making Using Their, There and They're Making simple sentences Capital Letters Letter Formation Reading Questions

Below are documents  to support and encourage your childs reading and spelling.

Word Classes Tricky Words Phase 5 Tricky Words Phase 4 Tricky Words Phase 3 Tricky Words Phase 2

Please email  numeracyhelp@elstowschool.co.uk or literacyhelp@elstowschool.co.uk if you require further support.

Reading and Phonics schemes used in KS1

Elstow School has a termly literacy focus.


Click below to find out more details.

Literacy Focus

Focus Spelling Appendix Vocabulary Appendix Glossary

Click Below to find out the word of the week...

Word of the Week Summer 2 Literacy Long Term Map for Year 4
Literacy Long Term Map for Year 3
Literacy Long Term Map for Year 2 Literacy Long Term Map for Year 1 Literacy Long Term Map for Year 5 Literacy Long Term Map for Year 6