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 Welcome to Otters

Class !

Miss Beneng

This will be sent out every Friday and is due back in on the following Wednesday.  


The homework will cover what they have learnt in class in English and Maths.  


Please read with your child every day and sign their record book.  


Your child will also bring home spellings every Friday. They will be tested on the following week.

•During the Autumn Term we will learn to apply and develop our phonetic knowledge to de-code words and form written sentences.  We will practice simple spelling rules to enable us to build confidence when writing common exception words.

We will know what makes a ‘good’ sentence and how to edit our own work as well as supporting others to edit theirs.

•We will experience a range of books and texts such as Elmer, exploring a variety of texts about


To enable us to

write both Fiction

and Non-fiction texts such as short narratives, newspapers and shape poems.

•Throughout the History topic, we will be focusing on ‘Kings, Queens and Our Leaders’. During which we will develop our understanding about which countries make up the United Kingdom. We will be learning about the Kings      

       and Queens of England, in particular King    

         John, focusing on the important

         promise he made to the people

     of England. We will learn about

the period when England did not

have a King. We will gain an

understanding of parliament and how they

make decisions about our country.

•This term we will

begin to explore

number place value,

identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including the number line, and use the language of: equal to, more than, less than (fewer),  most and least. 


•We will be learning about basic geometry, how to recognise and name 2D and 3D shapes. We will learn how to describe position and direction of movement. We will compare, describe and solve practical problems for:

– lengths and heights [for example, long/short, longer/shorter, tall/short, double/half].

– mass/weight [for example, heavy/light, heavier than, lighter than]

– capacity/volume [for example, full/empty, more than, less than, half, half full.

This year we ask for your child to arrive to school on a Monday and Thursday in their PE kits. They will wear their kit all day, so also please ensure long hair is tied back and any piercings are taken out. As the weather gets colder please ensure that your child is wearing the appropriate weathered clothing such as jumpers and jogging bottoms.

During this term we will be learning all about our bodies

and how they function. What we need to keep us healthy and take part in a boot camp, to understand different exercises which help different parts of our body.

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