Year 5 boys football:

The tournament will now take place on Thursday 21st March, please see latest news for info.

Year 3 and 4:

Bikeability courses Weds 20th Mar – please remember helmets!

Comic Relief:

We have raised a total of £334.70. Well done Elstow!

Parent Forum:

26th March – 9am meeting has been cancelled. We will still have the 6pm meeting. Please come along.

Please Note:

There is a Bedford Borough camera monitoring parking on the yellow zig-zag lines. Stay safe.

Our Visions and Values

What we strive for

We believe, given the right circumstances, all children are capable of extraordinary things.

We take our trust values of Aspiration, Respect and Honesty very seriously. They underpin our routines, our curriculum, and what we strive to develop in our pupils. Each week, a whole-school assembly focuses on discussions about the new, about how we do our best, and on ways that we celebrate and reward excellent effort.


We work hard on our culture in which the highest expectations and aspirations surround all of our pupils, delivering on our families’ demand for excellent educational opportunities. It is particularly important to us that celebrations include opportunities for parents to be present – and this is through invitations to witness certificates given to children in each class on Friday mornings for achievement and for showing value-driven behaviour. Our children all shake hands to receive their award and teachers delight in explaining to parents why they have been chosen.

In turn, we expect our pupils to work very hard to meet the high expectations that the school and parents have of them. Our aim is that pupils who come to Elstow School break through any barriers and achieve their full potential.