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Welcome to Owls class!

Owls Class

Reception - Autumn Term (first half) 2018

Communication and Language (listening and attention, understanding, speaking)


Children will develop their listening skills and share their own experiences in a small group and with the rest of the class.  


They will be encouraged to join in with repeated parts of stories during whole class shared reading session.  Children will sequence and re-tell stories using their own words and begin to draw upon the language of stories such as next, then, first.


We will start each day discussing the day, date and weather.  

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Physical Development (moving and handling/ health and self-care)


Children will gain confidence in all areas of physical development such as using scissors and other tools with safety.  They will be concentrating on developing good pencil control.  


Reception children will take part in a variety of ring games and develop greater spatial awareness.  Children will explore moving a variety of different ways using small, big and low movements.


It would be very helpful if children could practise putting on their own coat and fastening the zip and dressing and undressing themselves.  


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Literacy (reading and writing)




Children will be focusing on writing their name and labelling the members of their families.  They will be listening to the first sounds they hear at the start of a word and linking this to letters.  


They will be writing labels for the story The Three Little Pigs and create their own party invitations.  Please practise writing their name at home using the attached handwriting letter formation guide.




Initially children will focus on retelling stories in their own words and then begin to use the language of stories.  


In our phonics sessions the children will begin to recognise and write the first 26 sounds of the English language.  




In our daily phonics lessons we will introduce four new letter sounds each week along with some tricky words.  


The sounds the children will be learning will be sent home on our weekly Reception Newsletter.  




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Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Children will learn to take turns and consider the feelings of others, asking for help if they need it and talk about their home life.  


They will become more familiar with the rules and routines of the school day.  During our whole class Circle Times we will focus on ‘New Beginnings.’  Children will think about how they and other children feel.  


They will be given the opportunity to discuss their own feelings and situations where they feel happy and sad.  



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Mathematics (number, shape, space and measure)




Children will count, recognise and order numerals from 0 to 20, say one more or one less than a given number in the one to five range, then one to ten range.


Please encourage your child to spot and name numerals in the environment e. g on buses or whilst out shopping, count toys as they are being tidied away and count forwards and back then back from 10 to 0.


Shape, Space and Measure


They will name and describe 2D shapes, use positional language and order objects by height, weight or capacity.


If you are cooking with your child, weighing, measuring, estimating different quantities , counting spoonful’s or cake cases are great fun ways to explore maths at home, if not a little messy!  





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Understanding the World (People and Communities, World, Technology)


Children will talk about their families, special times and celebrations.  They will explore the world around them including looking at the local environment.  


Children will explore different forms of technology including completing a simple computer program.


Expressive Arts and Design (Exploring Media and Materials and Being Imaginative)


Children will explore colour, mix their own paints and a range of different materials to create painting, collages and models.  


They will engage in different role play scenarios.  Children will take part in whole class singing and music making sessions where they will make up their own rhythms.  





world expressive Wow star sheet new what observations are useful WOW Star sheet Brilliant book list