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A few things to help your children .........

  • Ensure they read every day - out loud is best even for older children!

  • Help them learn their Times Tables - TT Rock Stars is the best way - and we will send paper copies home for your child to do if you prefer.

  • Show an interest in their learning - have a look at the topics and the Knowledge Organisers - quiz them on the facts!


If you have any questions or queries contact the school straight away.

If you are unhappy about the way we do something.....come in and talk about it......we try to please the majority of parents/carers but 'one way' doesnt 'fit all' and we are happy to change our practice to make you and your childs lives better. We can be as flexible as possible but we cant 'mind read' !!!!! So please don't sit and 'simmer' the school has a good'listening ear' so come in and talk.


Healthy Schools


September 2018

We are going to update our Friends of Elstow School members!  We really want to be the very best school in Bedford and one of the best primaries in the country - and to do this we need your help!


I am going to send out a request that parents join a Forum - which will meet in the school every half term.  This group will discuss events for parents and children to get involved in and how to improve parents contact with and in the school life.


If you think you would like to join the forum please let me know!  


EYFS Timetable Autumn

Timetables for classes 2018 -9

Y1 Timetable Autumn Y2 Timetable Autumn Y3 Timetable Autumn Y4 Timetable Autumn Y5 Timetable Autumn Y6 Timetable Autumn Signature

As Halloween approaches Bedfordshire Police is reminding parents and guardians to keep their children safe.


If possible, parents and guardians should go out trick or treating with their children, sticking to well-lit areas and only knocking on the doors of people they know. Some people may have 'No trick or treat' posters up at their doors and we ask that these are respected.


Bedfordshire Police is also reminding children and parents to be mindful that some of the more vulnerable or elderly members of the community may feel intimidated by people calling at their doors and appeals to all residents to look out for their neighbours who may feel frightened during this time.


Extra patrols will be on hand over the Halloween and Bonfire Night period to ensure that the evenings can be enjoyed safely If you do have any concerns during Halloween, it's important that you call 101 in order to keep 999 free for genuine emergencies - 31 October is one of the police's busiest nights of the year!



For more advice about Halloween please visit www.bedfordshire.police.uk