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How to help your child

  • Ensure they read every day

  • Help them learn their Times Tables

  • Show an interest in their learning

  • DO NOT book Holidays in term time - they will not be authorised and you may receive a fine


If you have any questions or queries contact the school straight away.

If you are unhappy about the way we do something.....come in and talk about it......we try to please the majority of parents/carers but 'one way' doesnt 'fit all' and we are happy to change our practice to make you and your childs lives better. We can be as flexible as possible but we cant 'mind read' !!!!! So please don't sit and 'simmer' the school has a good'listening ear' so come in and talk.


Healthy Schools



We have an active PTA – our ’Friends Association’.

All Parents/carers belong to 'Friends' The committee is always looking for new members who will help to organise, serve drinks, distribute Easter Eggs, run stalls, serve hotdogs etc etc !!


Friends work very hard throughout the year through social and fund raising activities to support and enhance the work at the school.

Friends is one of our links with the wider school community and you are welcome to join.

Other Letters to Parents/Carers ...

* Letter to Year 1 Parents/Carers regarding Phonics testing




*  Letter to all parents/carers regarding cameras and recordings.




         *  Letter to Parents/carers regarding parking.

Year 1 phonics tests All parents re parking No video or cameras We-Care-We-Share----


Upcoming Events



Cake Fridays are usually the first Friday of each month – there are no more for this year, but we hope to start these up again from 6th October 2017. If you are able to help please contact Friends via our email.



Cake donations are always welcome for Cake Fridays - please drop them to the school office on the Friday morning, if possible. Alternatively, bring them along directly to the stall at pick-up time. Helpers for the stall are always welcome from 2:50pm for set up until 3:50pm including packing away.


Summer Fun Day - Friday 14th July from 2pm.  Raffle @

3.30pm, 4pm close.


Lots of fun things for you and your children. Bouncy Castle, Helium Balloons, Face Painting, Cake Stall and more!  Friends will be in Robins Class this year doing our usual helium balloons with the children's name on them.  So helpers needed, please contact Friends email if you are able to help?


If you want to help out at any event please contact us via our new email address:- friends@elstowschool.co.uk.


If you are unable to attend but would like to be included in helping at future events or have ideas for future fund raising activities or social events for Parents and/or children please let us know.

You will find below the E-safety Support button that will give you upto date E- Safety information.


You will see the latest news, articles, definitions and up-to-date information about e-safety issues every time you visit.

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Overall the amount raised was £155.

Beech Trees Class was the clear winner for the amount raised.

Total distance acheived was nearly 300 metres, the equivalent to 27 lengths of of a double decker bus or nearly 3 football pitches



World Book Day book sale raised



Enabling the school to buy new books

Thank You!