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Robins Class


This term's topic is...



the World


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Expressive Arts and Design





We will continue to focus on how we form sentences when writing using a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. The children are encouraged to form their letters correctly and neatly. The children will explore both story writing and non-fiction such as letters and explanations.


Children will take part in weekly individual reading with the class teacher or teaching assistant. As a whole class, we will be reading lots of stories together, some that link to our topic and others for enjoyment.


In our daily phonics lessons we will continue to learn new sounds and practise segmenting to read and to spell new words.  










Children will continue to count aloud beyond 20 reliably and count ona nd back from any given number in the 0 to 20 range. They will continue to add and subtract numbers making their own recordings by drawing pictures or using maths equipment.

Shape, Space and Measure

The children will measure using non-standard units e.g. cubes or their hands. They will use vocabulary linked to measure e.g. short, shorter and shortest. The children will begin to learn the names of the different coins and language linked to money. They will describe, create and continue patterns linked to the book: Aliens Love Underpants.


Have a go at these games  








This term the children will focus on throwing and catching a ball safely. They will develop more control when throwing and catching to a friend. Children will continue to develop their gross and fine motor skills in their everyday play and when cutting, writing and when creating art work. The children will continue to have access to the outdoor play equipment in the outdoor area to develop their gross motor skills.  




Children will continue to think about our classroom rules and building upon the friendships within the class. They will be focusing upon their own actions and the feelings of other children.

In our Circle Time we are thinking about 'Going for Goals'. The children will get the opportunity to reflect upon the journey they have to go to achieve a target and learn to cope when things do not go to plan first time around.


Out Of This World!

The role play area will start off as a rocket and near the end of the term be transformed into a Chinese Restaurant. Using different media and materials, children will explore junk modelling making rockets, collage planets and aliens.


Children will learn the names of the different planets, what it is like to be an astronaut and what the moon is like. The children will explore ICT using different software and programmable robots during this half term. The children will explore the traditions of Chinese New Year and festivals in this country. They will cook fortune cookies and their own food to eat at out Chinese New Year Banquet.

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