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Contact the school on: 01234 302300

Email: enquiries@elstowschool.co.uk




From 17th April 2018 all children will start school at 8.30a.m. and finish at 3.30p.m.


The school gate will open at 8.25am. Children in Early Years will go straight to their classrooms. All other year groups will stay in the playground and line up at 8.40am for the register to be taken. The gate will be closed at 8.40am and any child arriving after this time will be late.  


All clubs will run from 3.30pm -4.30pm.


Energykidz before and after school care, are running from 7.30 to 8.30 and after school from 3.30 - 6pm.  Booking details are available on the welcome page of the website