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Email: enquiries@elstowschool.co.uk

Vision Statement

Equal Opportunities


Elstow School is an inclusive school and the staff are

committed to promoting equal opportunities for all pupils regardless of gender, race, disability, culture or religion.


All pupils have equal access to the curriculum and the right to a learning community which dispels ignorance, prejudice and stereotyping.


The entire school community has the right to protection from insults, abuse and bullying. Discrimination on the basis of colour, culture, origin, sex or ability is unacceptable in this school.  


The school does not tolerate racist, sexist or homophobic behaviour. We aim to create a learning community characterised by empathy, understanding and harmony across boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, where difference is recognised and respected. To this end we have policies in place which enable us to deal with racist, sexist and homophobic behaviour.


Aggregated data on racism is provided to the LA in accordance with the requirements of Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000. This data is also reviewed annually by the Governing Body to enable Governors to revise school policy and practice.





Everyone involved with the school will feel safe, valued and secure.


That we will all work as a team to overcome any barriers to learning so that our pupils can enjoy their education and grow physically, socially and culturally.


We want all our pupils to be individuals who are given the opportunity to achieve their true potential, gain a real respect for themselves and for each other and learn the skills, values and attitudes required to live healthily and harmoniously within today’s multi cultural society.


We want the schools to be the hubs of the community, open, available and embraced by all.


We will provide ladders of opportunity across the lives of the community as a whole.


We will improve the educational standards of all our pupils by:

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Meeting their individual needs

Helping them to become guided, independent learners

Raising the expectations through working in partnership with pupils and parents

Raising the standards of teaching and learning

Ensuring a smooth learning journey