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I am delighted at being appointed to the role of Principal at Elstow School.  I wanted to have this opportunity to let you know how wonderful I think Elstow is and how much potential it has. I have already said hello to many of you at the gates and look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas about Elstow School; what it does well and what you think could be better.


I have previously worked for a multi-academy trust in London, and bring with me fantastic experiences in how working in close harmony with other schools brings rewards of higher standards of teaching and learning and high quality development of teaching and curriculum.  

There has been much publicity recently about the curriculum for primary age children across the country.  We are teaching a knowledge based curriculum across the school, and the key facts will be available to you on the website to support your child’s learning and help them to secure the information they need to know.  As they learn more facts in detail about the world, they will develop confidence in themselves and enthusiasm and a thirst to know more.


Advantage schools believes that there should be opportunity for every child to be the best they can, and Elstow’s teaching, curriculum and very strong history of supporting social and emotional skills means that we will endeavour to achieve that.  


Parents make an important contribution to children’s achievements at school, and I want to develop the relationship between the school and parents for everyone’s benefit. I will be holding a number of events over the next term, which will provide an opportunity to meet you and enable you to both celebrate the successes of your children and enjoy seeing and hearing them show you what they have learned.


This will start with a celebration assembly on a Friday morning, which you will be invited to attend by phone message, if your child has been awarded a certificate by their teacher.


I very much look forward to working closely with you and your children, being part of the local community and this great school.

Very best regards



Miss Samantha Baxter


We have a new texting system where we will endeavour to contact parents via text to your mobile phone. Please make sure we have your up to date details.

Important Information to Parents

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Parents who request paper copies of any documents from this website will be provided to them, by the school, free of charge.

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