Summer Holiday:

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Please Note:

There is a Bedford Borough camera monitoring parking on the yellow zig-zag lines. Stay safe.

Welcome to Oak and Ash classes


So far we have already covered all of the year 6 objectives for Maths. The rest of the year will involve progressing the children further by applying the knowledge already learnt to word problems and real life scenarios. This will help them to better prepare for their SATs reasoning papers. In order to help them to prepare for their arithmetic paper, they also sit a weekly arithmetic test.

To help your child build solid foundations and become secure in their mathematical knowledge, it would be great if all children were able to quickly recall their multiplication and division related facts up to 12 x 12. They can use TT rockstars to enable them to practise this.

If there are topics that you child is feeling less confident in, they can use their revision guides and homework books to help them revise, and they also have access to SATs companion online. SATs companion also has great ‘how to’ videos to help children learn certain concepts.


In year 6, the English revolves around a particular text; the children study the same text for half a term and work towards final pieces of polished writing based on the book. The children will have experience completing fiction and non-fiction pieces of writing.  They start by looking at the features of that particular genre, learn the key skills needed and then work on planning a final piece which they edit and improve after they have written it.  The start of every English lesson, has a fast paced grammar activity which is followed up with a task on SATS companion that the children are asked to complete in their own time.

Similarly during reading sessions, the children will have the same reading extract for a week; they complete a number of tasks revolving around the extract based on a mixture of retrieval and inferential questions. On Friday, the children have another go at the questions completed during the week, which are structured as a practice SATS paper.


PE will be on Wednesdays.

Please ensure your child comes to school in P.E kit and that they have appropriate clothing for the colder weather. We ask that children wear non branded clothing in plain dark colours.


Year 6 children have now been given revision books to work from. These focus on Reading, Maths and Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. Children will be given a new page, from each book, to work through each week. Work is set on a Friday and it is expected that the books are then handed in by the following Thursday.

Spellings will continue to be set on Monday and tested on the following Monday. In addition to this, children also need to be learning the Year 5/6 spelling list.

Year 6 children will also receive a homework grid at the start of the half term, they are expected to complete one task from the grid each week.

We encourage children to use the TT Rockstars website, spelling shed website and SATs Companion website daily. Links to these can be found at the bottom of this page.