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Whole school attendance is at 97.5%

Principal’s welcome



Dear parents and carers,


At Elstow, we believe that all our children are entitled to the very best teaching and learning. We develop a love of learning through an academic knowledge-based curriculum. We inspire children to be curious, introduce them to academic disciplines, be resilient, and to persevere to succeed.

The academic achievement of our pupils is of paramount importance for us.


As part of our commitment to academic subjects, we also focus strongly on music, including with public performances.  This includes concerts in the magnificent Elstow Abbey Church as well as in school for harvest, Christmas, Sing into Spring and in summer. In Physical Education, we ensure all children run a Daily Mile to help them gain stamina and confidence, and we actively engage in a full range of competitions with local schools.  Further enrichment for all our pupils is through trips to a wide range of venues, including into London.


We are very proud of our pupils and work hard to ensure we create a warm, inclusive atmosphere, where children are comfortable to making mistakes, where they try their best and where we ensure they learn how to behave in school and in society. We make sure they know that they are part of ‘Team Elstow’. Every morning, the whole school stands together for a greeting where I remind them, how our values guide us, and how we ‘work hard and be nice’ to enrich the lives of each other, our community and to enrich all of our futures


We have a well-established and dynamic teaching team, who value communication and links with families; we have strong pastoral support including with the SENCO and the Family Support Worker on site. The leadership team are on the school gates every morning and evening to greet and talk about successes and deal with worries from parents, carers and pupils.

I hope you find the information on the website helpful and look forward to welcoming you and your child to Elstow.


Miss Samantha Baxter


Please make sure we have your up to date contact details.

Important Information to Parents

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Parents who request paper copies of any documents from this website will be provided  them, by the school, free of charge.

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Energy Kidz Breakfast & After School Club

Energy Kidz Breakfast and After School Club

Breakfast & After School Club

Parent Welcome Guide - Breakfast and After School Club

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Thank you everyone! We raised £348.65 on Jeans for Genes day


A certificate from the charity will go up in our hall display when it arrives in school   :)

Diary Dates

Phonics Workshop Thursday 27th September 9am Small Hall


There will be a workshop for Parents this Thursday 27th September in the Small Hall at 9am presented by Miss Day and Miss Beneng.  It will focus on how we teach phonics at Elstow, and how you can help your child learn how to read at home.  

It is also a chance for you to speak to the teachers and ask any questions about phonics and the books your child brings home.

No 1 Sep 18 Autumn Term 2018 Diary Dates

Please look at the diary above which gives all the information you need about the events coming up at Elstow ...