Year 6 parents:

The closing date for applications to secondary schools is 31st October 2019!

Open Mornings:

For new reception starters in Sept 2020, we have 2 open mornings on 16th Oct and 28th Nov. Please see letters page for info!


We have a new vacancy for a KS2 Class Teacher. Please see our vacancies page.

Please Note:

There is a Bedford Borough camera monitoring parking on the yellow zig-zag lines. Stay safe.

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Academic and Balanced

We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum at Elstow. For writing and mathematics, we have teachers who are subject-specialists.

From year 2 to year 6, pupils are taught by one specialist teacher for mathematics and another specialist teach for writing. Children benefit from high quality lessons and use classrooms that are suitable for the subject. They also learn to transition between classrooms quickly and quietly.

All pupils have a rich academic curriculum in science – which in key stage 2 is focussed on investigations in physics, chemistry and biology. They learn to set up experiments, record results and learn to connect what they have seen with what they already know. Pupils also follow a coherent curriculum for history, geography, art and religious education. All of these are carefully planned and taught both in the classroom and through extensive trips to help pupils remember what they have learned.

In music, there are opportunities to sing in music assemblies each week, as well as join a choir and learn rhythm and musical notation in class. Across the school, there is the opportunity to learn on tuned and unturned percussion.

We work very hard on the content of our curriculum in each subject across all of our pupils’ seven years at Elstow to ensure that pupils gain the necessary knowledge to equip them to transition to secondary school as informed and capable young people.

DFE Performace tables for Elstow School

DFE performance tables for Elstow School