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Contact the school on: 01234 302300

Email: enquiries@elstowschool.co.uk

Attendance and Absenteeism


We know that there are sometimes good reasons why your child isn't able to come to school - and we respect that parents know best for their child.  We track illness and know that absence for illness is sometimes unavoidable.  Please let the school know if your child is off school as a result of illness and if possible, when you think they might be back (e.g. if it is a tummy bug or chicken pox etc).


Sometimes, there are family circumstances which make missing school unavoidable - close family funerals or weddings or religious observance for example.  However, the school principal is unable to authorise more than one day for this.


If your child is absent it is important that you notify the school office on the day - before 9am.  


The school gates open at 8.25 and the children are all lining up and going into class from 8.40.  Please ensure that your child is on time.


Please don't book family holidays in term time - these cannot be authorised and could result in a fine if your child is off more than 5 days.


If there is an absence rate below 92% which is not as a result of illness, then you will be contacted by the Principal and the Family Support Worker and we will book a meeting to discuss with you reasons why your child's attendance at school is low.  


Above all - keep in touch with the school - let us know why your child is absent and make sure wherever possible, they are in school during term time.